100 Cap Club

There are now an astounding 141 players that have broken the century barrier.

The top ten are below:

1.Mohamed Al-Deayea [Saudi Arabia] 181 (1990-2006)
 2.Claudio Suárez [Mexico] 178 (1992-2006)
3.Hossam Hassan [Egypt] 169 (1985-2006)
4.Cobi Jones [USA] 164 (1992-2004)
4. Adnan Kh. Al-Talyani [UAE] 164  (1984-1997)
6.Sami Al-Jaber [Saudi Arabia] 163 (1992-2006)
7.Martin Reim [Estonia] 156 (1992-2007)
8.Lothar Matthäus [(West) Germany] 150  (1980-2000)
9.Ali Daei [Iran] 149 (1993-2006)
10.Iván Hurtado [Ecuador] 146 (1992-2007)

As the number of international matches increases more and more players break into the 100 cap club. If Fabio Capello selects David Beckham in his first England team then Beckham will win his 100th cap. His performances for England in the last few games should be enough to see him included in that side. It’s a damning indictment on the current England side that a player who is in the twilight of his career playing in MLS still looks a class above the likes of Lampard, Gerrard and Cole when pulling on an England shirt.