Faroe Play

Luxembourg’s sensational 2-1 win in Switzerland last night reminded me of a match their co-hosts of Euro 08 Austria competed in during the early 90s. Faroe Islands first ever competetive match.

Turn up your sound and listen to the commentary on this:

The most interesting comment on the video is the translation of the commentary that a Faroese chap has added

“And now it’s Torkil… (some words here are difficult to understand). AND SCORES!!!!!!!!!!! TORKIL NIELSEN SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 TO THE FAROES!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 TO THE FAROES!!!!!!!!!!! TORKIL NIELSEN FROM SANDAVÁGUR (the village on the island og Vágar, 700 inhabitants)!!!!!!!!! AIJAJAJAJAI!!!!!!

THE FAROES HAVE SCORED!!! TORKIL NIELSEN TO 1-0! Oh, that a wild jubilation here! Completely, completely, completely unbeleivable how he passed through all these men here… Hopeless they try to drag is feet out, to do a professional freekick… TORKIL SCORES!!! 1-0 to the Faroes. 1-0 to the Faroes. This goes far over all the expectations. Long, long, long, long over it. So, the Austrians are in panic and are going to make substitutions…”

The Faroese goalkeeper Jens Knudsen earned a lot of the post game headlines due to the white bobblehat he sported during matches. He won 65 caps for the Faroe Islands playing his last game for them in 2006, he also starred in goal for the Faroese handball side though it being an indoor sport his bobblehat probably wasn’t required.

Another thing to note is the awful Austrian kit in the clip. The god of kits is a vengeful god who will punish those who flout his law.

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