An unexpected Christmas gift

An unexpected Christmas gift

A month or two ago I innocently posted a tweet saying:  “All I want for Christmas is a Hearts of Oak kit”. For those who aren’t aware, Hearts of Oak sport one of the finest kits in African and world football. Three magnificent primary colours of red, yellow and blue adorn their dazzling shirts. Within a few weeks I was […]

Ligue 1 2012 review

For the latest in French football head over to French Football Weekly. As the calendar year 2012 comes to an end and with French football all wrapped up for another year, it’s unsurprising to see that “Zlatan Ibrahimović’s Paris St. Germain” are the club that have topped the French charts during 2012. It’s quite interesting to note that the three promoted […]

Juventus – “2012 Serie A champions”

The Italians are about to embark on their rather civilized Christmas break. A ball won’t be kicked  in anger until Serie A re-starts on the 6th January. So whilst we have the maudlin feelings associated with the end of Christmas, we’ll at least have the delights of Italian soccer to keep us warm on those dark winter nights. The following table shows […]

November 2012: Best of the blogs

A brilliant new initiative dedicated to documenting great matches throughout history. The Museum of Football contains links to full matches on YouTube from World Cups past. Well worth re-living some of these great games: Anyone who spent much of the 1990s playing Sensible World of Soccer on the Commodore Amiga will appreciate this next site. Famous football stars depicted in […]