Juventus – “2012 Serie A champions”

The Italians are about to embark on their rather civilized Christmas break. A ball won’t be kicked  in anger until Serie A re-starts on the 6th January. So whilst we have the maudlin feelings associated with the end of Christmas, we’ll at least have the delights of Italian soccer to keep us warm on those dark winter nights.

The following table shows how clubs in Serie A have got on during the calendar year 2012. Obviously no trophies are awarded for such meaningless victories and I’m a fully paid up member of Sound of Football podcast’s “Bunkum Stats club” I do feel the table does give an indication as to which sides ended the 2011/2012 season well whilst also starting the current 2012/2013 season in good form.

Serie A 2012
Serie A 2012

Juventus end the year with a terrific league record and head into 2013 in great spirits. A two-legged tie with Celtic await them in the Champions League as well as the second half of a Serie A campaign. If their form continues they’ll almost certainly win back to back championships.

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