An unexpected Christmas gift

A month or two ago I innocently posted a tweet saying:  “All I want for Christmas is a Hearts of Oak kit”.

For those who aren’t aware, Hearts of Oak sport one of the finest kits in African and world football. Three magnificent primary colours of red, yellow and blue adorn their dazzling shirts. Within a few weeks I was delighted to receive one in the post from the lovely chaps who run the @HeartsEleven twitter feed. (They had promised to send me pictures of the Swansea vs Hearts of Oak game from the 1970s but that turned out to be a cheeky ruse). Anyway, here’s the shirt:

Hearts of Oak (Accra) first team kit

It’s likely I’ll have to lose a couple of pounds before I’ll fit perfectly into the beauty. But with it being about time for new year’s resolutions if anything is going to convince me to shed a few pounds then this is it. I certainly have a team in Africa to start following now. Phobiaaaaa! (as their fans would say!)

The spirit that never dies 



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