Manchester United to unveil a player/manager?

When the announcement was made earlier this week that David Moyes would lose his job at Manchester United, and that Ryan Giggs would potentially take charge as a player/manager, my mind instantly turned to an old photo of Bryan Robson. For many, this wouldn’t be the automatic thought, but I’ve always absolutely loved staged press photos of footballers (you can see more at the marvellous and this one is probably my favourite of all time. In fact, I’m almost certain I’ve tweeted this image many times before and this blogpost is merely an excuse to share it with everyone once more.

Bryan Robson, half suit / half footballer is a superb idea. I can’t imagine any club would try it today. It’s one of those things modern football has destroyed (like tables being carried onto the pitch pre-match so new players can sign their contract).

The tweet was then retweeted multiple times by many accounts including some with tens of thousands of followers, numbers began to snowball when it was retweeted by Tim Lovejoy. I’m not proud of it. But it happened. And as I write this post now, the tweet has been retweeted over 1000 times.

I’m quite used to having any “popular” tweets stolen by the many accounts that exist solely for that purpose. I don’t really mind, especially with tweets like the above when I don’t own the image – I just felt compelled to share it as I think it’s brilliant. However, the image in my tweet was ‘stolen’ as seen below was just weird. I would normally give people the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he immediately thought of the image as I had done, but he didn’t walk against Australia did he?

Despite all this, I’m not above being cynical as this blog post title shows…