Len Cantello’s remarkable testimonial opposition

I came across this picture in the A-Z of West Brom that I bought on ebay a few weeks ago. It apparently depicts the opposition to Len Cantello’s Albion XI in his own testimonial. The matchday programme calls it a “Cyril Regis and Lawrie Cunningham XI” but the Albion A-Z just calls it a “Black XI” team assembled by Cyril Regis…

Are relegation six-pointers important?

A common narrative during the closing stages of football seasons is the importance of matches between the sides at the bottom of the table. I thought I’d take a statistical look at those claims. I’ve done this by taking a look at the record of clubs in the Premier League over the last fifteen years who have finished in 17th and 18th position. I have examined where each of the clubs […]

“Emlyn Hughes Teamtactix” – Board Game Review

As I mentioned in the last board game review this is likely to be a very short series, and so it has proved with this being the second and probably last (for now) board game review. This game is endorsed by Emlyn Hughes, a man who was one of the first players to forge a career outside of football, chiefly as team captain on Question of Sport opposite England rugby […]

“League Championship” – Board Game Review

In what is likely to be a short series Mirko Bolesan brings you a review of a football related board game. We start with “League Championship”, a shrewd purchase in the local Oxfam shop at a bargain £7.99. World Cup winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks adorns the cover of the box and it’s his endorsement that covers all four edges of the box. Gordon Banks certainly promoted rather more wholesome products […]

Faroe Play

Luxembourg’s sensational 2-1 win in Switzerland last night reminded me of a match their co-hosts of Euro 08 Austria competed in during the early 90s. Faroe Islands first ever competetive match. Turn up your sound and listen to the commentary on this: The most interesting comment on the video is the translation of the commentary that a Faroese chap has added “And now it’s Torkil… (some words here are difficult […]

Non-Europeans at Euro 2008

Euro 2008 begins in a week time, oddly there are 42 players who were born outside of Europe who will be competing in the competition. Here’s the list.. Portugal Deco – Brazil Boswinga – Congo Pepe – Brazil Nani – Cape Verde Switzerland Gelson – Cape Verde Vonlanthen – Colombia Djourou – Ivory Coast Turkey – mostly eastern Turkey Rustu Recber Tuzluca Mehmet Topal Semih Senturk Gokdeniz Karadeniz Tumer Metin […]

A Nicely Written Match Report

I’m currently reading Eddie Hapgood’s autobiography (he captained Arsenal and England during the 1930s). It’s a pretty good read. As you can imagine a lot has changed in the game since then. This excerpt from a match report that Hapgood was involved in is included in the book. (Hapgood’s Arsenal are playing Hapgood’s previous club Kettering Town). See if you can work out what the reporter is moaning about before […]

100 Cap Club

There are now an astounding 141 players that have broken the century barrier. The top ten are below: 1.Mohamed Al-Deayea [Saudi Arabia] 181 (1990-2006) 2.Claudio Suárez [Mexico] 178 (1992-2006) 3.Hossam Hassan [Egypt] 169 (1985-2006) 4.Cobi Jones [USA] 164 (1992-2004) 4. Adnan Kh. Al-Talyani [UAE] 164 (1984-1997) 6.Sami Al-Jaber [Saudi Arabia] 163 (1992-2006) 7.Martin Reim [Estonia] 156 (1992-2007) 8.Lothar Matthäus [(West) Germany] 150 (1980-2000) 9.Ali Daei [Iran] 149 (1993-2006) 10.Iván Hurtado […]

Kunishige Kamamoto

Yanmar Diesel (pictured at the end of this post) won the Japanese Premier Division in 1971. Yanmar are the precursor to Cerezo Osaka who currently play in the J League 2 and in the late 60s and 70s had one of the most famous Japanese players of all time playing for them. Kunishige Kamamoto was a centre forward and probably one of the most successful Asian players in the world […]