“Scandanavian” Championship XI 2010/2011

As I’m sure everyone is well aware the Premier League is jam packed with foreigners from all corners of the globe. This practice has filtered down to the lower leagues, so I thought I’d begin a series on foreign XIs in the Football League with this one on “Scandanavian” players in the Championship. My definition of Scandanavian will probably anger some, but I’m including Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland […]

The Football League journey of the founding members

In 1888 twelve clubs from the Midlands and the North West of England took part in the first ever Football League season. Preston North End, Aston Villa, Wolves, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, West Brom, Accrington, Everton, Burnley, Derby County, Notts County and Stoke City will forever be remembered as founding members of the Football League. It’s interesting to note that Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool are […]

“Yes to AV” an Aston Villa floodlit fantasy

A couple of years ago I wrote a very short blogpost with a picture of Aston Villa’s floodlights from the 70s/early 80s. They really are a wonderful sight. Yesterday a comment was left on that post that I feel requires greater exposure, here it is, in full: Hi, thanks for posting the Villa lights. I grew up watching them out of my mums bedroom window. When they were on you […]

The perils of collecting football stickers in late 80s West Germany

When I was growing up my father was in the military, therefore we moved around quite a lot. In the late 80s we lived in Germany and I went to a forces school alongside other British kids. As we lived in a long forgotten era before the internet we were starved of any sort of British culture (including football). Many of the kids supported the obvious teams that most children […]

We’re the baddies aren’t we?

This season has seen unprecedented league success for my club Cardiff City. The Bluebirds currently find themselves in fourth place of the Championship with a decent shot at promotion to the Premier League. However, rather than feeling excited at the prospect of potential promotion, this season has been one of the most frustrating and unenjoyable I can remember in my time as a Cardiff City supporter. And I think I’ve […]

Brett Ormerod’s fascinating fact

If you can somehow squeeze a glance through the gap between Charlie Adam’s massive talent and Ian “Ollie” Holloway’s massive ego you’ll see a rather interesting story involving one of their forwards. Last Tuesday night Blackpool’s third goal against Tottenham Hotspur was scored by lower league journeyman Brett Ormerod, this goal completed an interesting quartet for the Blackburn-born striker as he has now scored for the Tangerines in each division […]

Book Review: Merlin’s Premier League ’95 Sticker Album

After reviewing a few board games and one or two computer games related to football from the past I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the great football books. I’ve started with Merlin’s Premier League ’95 Sticker Album, and whilst lacking in words or a cohesive narrative I feel it has much to offer, even now fifteen years after it was first published. The […]

Perception and reality: Arsenal 2 Barcelona 1

The vast majority of football supporters and the sporting media are human beings. This difficult fact means that the gap between perception of events and the reality of them is often very wide indeed. Take Wednesday’s Champions League tie between Arsenal and Barcelona as an example. Arsenal have had acres of column inches written about them in praise for their victory over the Catalan giants – a team who are […]

Derby day doubles

After looking at the number of doubles (one side winning both league fixtures between the two clubs) that the South Wales derby has produced in history (0), I thought it would be interesting to cover the other derbies in the Football Pyramid to see how many doubles they have accrued over time. A few interesting points from the results: Arsenal and Manchester United have managed 14 doubles over their rivals, […]