Analysis of player nationalities at Premier League clubs 2010/2011

As a follow up to my previous blogpost related to the different nationalities represented in the Premier League I thought it might be interesting to slice the data slightly differently. This time I’m going to look at player nationality by club. The data in this article relates to the nationality of players who started matches in the Premier League last season (2010/2011). For example, every club has 418 starting berths […]

Foreign Players in the Premier League 2010/2011

The proliferation of foreign players in the Premier League is an often covered subject on radio phone-ins and blogs like this one. I thought rather than offering the same glib observations on foreign players in the ‘English game’ I’d offer some facts on the number of non-English (and non-British) players who currently ply their trade in the Premier League today (or to be more specific last season). In this article I’ve decided […]

Seven of the Best #3

Although the frequency of blog posts on here have been very light of late rest assured that a lot of work is going on behind the scenes compiling a wide range of statistics to produce some content once the football season in the UK gets under way. With that in mind it’s probably worth a quick whirlwind tour of football on-line. Up first is an article from SBNation regarding the […]

In defence of the FIFA World Rankings

Every month or so FIFA release a ranking of all the national teams in the world. The rankings are widely mocked for their inaccurate representation of the relative qualities of international sides, but is this fair? Fans and journalists alike mocked England’s recent position of fourth in the rankings. Twitter was ablaze with laughter (or “lolz”) as Capello’s men were placed above both Brazil and Argentina. Now, the problem with […]

Premier League 2010/2011: Youngest/Oldest teams

The following table displays the average ages of the players who started Premier League games last season. Wigan Athletic fielded the youngest players whilst, Fulham had the eldest side. These figures can easily be skewed by a side playing a few youngsters in one match, so perhaps aren’t totally indicative of which teams truly fielded the youngest sides. However, they do give a very good indication as to which sides […]

Seven of the Best #2

The second in this long running series begins with footysphere. A remarkable site that features a superb advert for Kevin Keegan slippers (1). <Insert your own I’d love it if I had a pair of them joke here>. This advert led us onto the magnificent French site The Vintage Football Club, that features amongst other things some holiday pics of a fully-bearded George Best (2). Going further afield into the realms of […]

CECAFA/Kagame Cup 2011: East African club football

African club football gets very little coverage in Europe so I thought it would be interesting to delve into this little known world for another blogpost. On Saturday the East African club cup begins in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Twelve clubs from ten African nations compete for the coveted trophy. African giants Al Ahly of Egypt and Liberty Professionals of Ghana were originally pencilled in to play as guest […]

Seven of the Best #1

In an attempt to generate some sort of regular feature on the blog (whatever happened to those Alliterative XIs anyway? More of them soon I hope…), I’ve decided to start a seven of the best feature. It will link to some of the best stuff I’ve read and seen online during the week. So, starting out at in no particular order we have a wonderful piece from VivaRovers detailing the […]

Premier League Team of the Season 2010/2011

As you may be aware I have spent the last week or so creating word maps out of 2010/2011 match reports for all of the clubs in the Premier League. I thought I’d use this data in order to create a team of the season. The rules are simple, the players with the most mentions during the 2010/2011 season in BBC match reports are included in the first XI. As […]