Seven of the Best #1

In an attempt to generate some sort of regular feature on the blog (whatever happened to those Alliterative XIs anyway? More of them soon I hope…), I’ve decided to start a seven of the best feature. It will link to some of the best stuff I’ve read and seen online during the week.

So, starting out at in no particular order we have a wonderful piece from VivaRovers detailing the fan managerial speak (1) that is vital to understand should you feel brave enough to listen to the angry Alan Green or confused Spoony (both of which I believe have taken the radio show as far as they can) on a Saturday evening.

I wrote a piece about Czech side Viktoria Plzen’s title chances in the season just gone, and had planned to write a concluding piece once they had won the title. However, I was saved the effort as already had Plzen’s title win covered (2)! And from just over the border in Slovakia britskibelasi has a lovely piece on Peter Dubovsky (3) who sadly passed away in his prime.

Moving even further east into the European hiterlands of the former Soviet Union is the marvellous site that’s quickly becoming a marvellous resource for eastern-European football. A very interesting article on Moldovan side Sherrif (4) was added to the site very recently, check it out.

Whilst was spreading mis-information regarding seedings for the World Cup draw Edgar at was doing a sterling job putting together FIFA World Rankings. His site really is what the independent football blogging community is all about, providing interesting information that the mainstream media is too lazy or too busy to produce. Catch all of the latest information on football rankings from around the globe here(5).

Charlie Anderson covers one of my bugbears in football: the arrogance shown by Brits towards American soccer (6) whilst Chris Oakley writes something many of us 30+ can associate with when he takes a look over his lifetime as a Panini sticker book addict (7).