Seven of the Best #2

The second in this long running series begins with footysphere. A remarkable site that features a superb advert for Kevin Keegan slippers (1). <Insert your own I’d love it if I had a pair of them joke here>. This advert led us onto the magnificent French site The Vintage Football Club, that features amongst other things some holiday pics of a fully-bearded George Best (2).

Going further afield into the realms of international football, the World Cup qualifying for Asia started this week with Tsend-Ayush Khurelbataar writing his name into Mongolian football folklore, my beloved Mongolia – my wife and I honeymooned in the country – recording a 1-0 victory over Myanmar (3) in Ulaan Bataar. They may struggle in the second leg away from home but the Mongolians will be delighted with recording a victory in a World Cup qualifying match. For those of you interested in African football here’s an interesting review of the Kenya-Super Eights (4).

Moving back across Asia and Africa to something more based within the sphere of Northern European football is an article detailing the intricacies of Belgium’s European qualifcation/promotion and relegation  procedure (5) from the marvellous When Saturday Comes. If your appetite for Belgian football is not sated by that then you can move on over to Chris Meyer’s comprehensive Belgian Waffle site (6).

To finish we re-visit the When Saturday Comes website, specifically the forum, where there’s a great ongoing discussion on football badges that look like biscuits (7).