Managerial Technical Zone Heat Maps

Heat maps have been an integral part of football analysis for a few seasons, but until now we did not have sufficient technology to track the positioning of managers within their technical areas. This has now all changed, and from this season Mirko Bolesan will be providing heat maps for managers.

Steve McClaren - England vs Croatia - 21/11/2007

Some may mock such a technological advancement as this but I feel it offers us a great insight into how passionate a manager is. Do they stand, hands on hips, motionless on the touchline or are they bouncing around their technical area pointing, shouting and indulging in what often appears to be a non-flag waving form of semaphore.

Jose Mourinho - Porto vs Manchester Untied - 9/4/2004
Jose Mourinho - Porto vs Manchester Untied - 9/4/2004

It will be interesting to see how the managers fare, and how they move, over the course of the coming season.

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