October 2012: Best of the Blogs

As the great Ferris Bueller once mused “life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and take a look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Ferris’ aphorism is especially true in the arena of football blogging. Twitter moves pretty quickly and it’s very easy to miss some of the good stuff amongst the tweets abusing Mark Lawrenson’s choice of shirt or people re-tweeting fake Emmanuel Eboues. Therefore I thought I’d take a bit of time to run-down, in no particular order,  some of the stuff I’ve enjoyed online in the month of October.

Philosophical Football: It’s not often the strands of philosophy and football intertwine via Theseus’ Ship (I must admit to being more familiar with this concept as Trigger’s Broom than Theseus’ Ship) but when they do you end up with something like this.

200% Podcast: You’ve read the articles, you’ve enjoyed the comic strip, now you can enjoy the podcast! The football blogging superstars at TwohundredPercent have recently launched a podcast. It covers many of the issues that you’ll find in the pages of twohundredpercent. If you like the website, you’ll love the 200% podcast.

RIP Football?: Top flight football hasn’t been much fun this season as scandal after scandal has taken precedence to 22 men kicking a ball around a field. Rich at the Football Attic feels that the past is dead..

Music: On a less maudlin note, this website came to my attention earlier this month and I’ve had a song about Huddersfield Town stuck in my head since. This is a truly great site, but be warned, once you’re sucked in you may never get out. Sing with me “Huddersfield, the best team in the land, the greatest team in football since the football league began….”

1936 Correspondence: This is simply outstanding. An exchange of letters between Swansea Town FC and Bury regarding the rudeness of the Swansea staff.

Japanese Stadia: The Japanese are currently redeveloping their national stadium in Tokyo (it wasn’t used during World Cup 2002). These architect designs (of stadia that will almost certainly never be built) range from the sublime to the ridiculous. If you like looking at beautifully drawn pictures of football stadia then click away.

Euro 88: Ruud Gullit, CCCP, Marco van Basten, looping Ray Houghton headers, Euro 88 had everything. Including a review of the tournament narrated by Craig Charles

Non football: Glen Wilson edits the Doncaster Rovers fanzine Popular Stand. He also writes a brilliant blog detailing his train journeys across the UK and beyond.

If you’ve seen anything you like online recently, or would like to promote your own blog. Feel free to do so in the comments.