November 2012: Best of the blogs

A brilliant new initiative dedicated to documenting great matches throughout history. The Museum of Football contains links to full matches on YouTube from World Cups past. Well worth re-living some of these great games:

Anyone who spent much of the 1990s playing Sensible World of Soccer on the Commodore Amiga will appreciate this next site. Famous football stars depicted in 8 bit at:

The brilliant David Squires of The Sunshine Room published a fantastic comic of Rafa Benitez earlier this week. His other work is well worth a look too.

Have you ever wondered what sort of music the players and staff at AS Roma were into? Well, wonder no longer as you can find out on Roma’s official site

The Football Attic continues to provide nostalgia in bucket-sized slops. Here’s their take on the fabulous Esso badge collection series of the 1970s.

Against Modern Football, Joe Harrison asks you to think again, things aren’t always as simple as they seem. He’s also written a historical piece about a Basque refugee side in Cardiff which is also worth a few minutes of your time.

TheFootyBlogNet has compiled a list of 49 fantastic blogs (and this one) that you should visit before you die (or something).

On the non-football front, this piece from the Olympian weightlifter Zoe Smith is thought provoking, and very, very right.


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